One thing I’ve noticed about the blogging community lately is how everyone is lifting each other up and talking about topics such as confidence, comparison and how important it is to remain true to yourself. Even during the whole Instagram drama a couple of weeks back, it was so nice to see bloggers wade through the mess and lift each other up. Since there’s a lot of love going around, I wanted to rekindle a feature I used to do a long time ago, sharing my favourite blogs and talking about the fellow creatives that really inspire me on the regular. I’ve whittled it down to ten blogs that are my ‘most clicked on’ as of late, but seriously this post could have gone on forever with the number of people out there whose content I love. Hence why I want this to become a regular feature, maybe not monthly but every 2-3 months to show you who I’ve been loving! 

Now you’ve no doubt heard of all of these ladies and you’re probably following them all already too, but then again, maybe I’ve introduced you to someone new! These are my go-to reads whether I want a quick browse on my lunch break, a dose of inspiration when I’m not feeling myself (or my wardrobe) or just want to curl up on the sofa and catch up. 

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The queen of fashion blogging right now and my first port of call if I’m lacking style inspiration – Megan has the ability to literally wear anything and look effortless doing so, and I love how she isn’t afraid to mix up high street and high end, whilst pushing the boundaries with bold prints and bright colours. One of the reasons I first started reading her blog was the fact she’s a Manchester girl and proud of it! Being a Northern girl myself I instantly warmed to her and loved hearing a Northern voice in her Youtube videos. 

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I’ve been following Hannah for some time now and have always loved her fun, feminine style, but one thing that I always love in her posts is her honesty about the bumpy rollercoaster that being a twenty-something is. She’s not afraid to talk about anxiety, counselling or down days, but she does it in a way that is uplifting and relatable to young women our age who may be going through the same things. Some of her posts really hit home and touch me, and others make me laugh out loud, which I love. You know she’s the real deal and her bubbly, best friend-like personality is evident in all her content!


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I first came across Emma very late to the party, when Amazon recommended her book ‘Ctrl, Alt, Delete: How I Grew Up Online’ (which I still need to read – come on Claire!) and seeing that she was a blogger as well as an author, and came highly recommended by Lena Dunham, I instantly clicked through to her site to find out more. Fast forward to a couple of months back and I finally got in on the podcast scene, and having finished ‘Serial’ I wanted something new to listen to. Remembering that Emma was also known for her podcasts, I clicked on to one where she interviewed Liv Purvis, and was instantly hooked. I’ve pretty much listened to every one of Emma’s interviews now and love how motivated they make me feel when I’m working from home. She isn’t afraid to talk about the topics in blogging and creative careers that are sometimes glossed over or pushed aside, and she offers a completely honest and relatable approach in both her writing and speaking. Her book is poised and ready on my kindle to read this Spring!


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I’ve followed Gem for a long time now through the ‘From Gem With Love’ days and always enjoyed her content, but since having her gorgeous little girl and re-launching her online profile with food and lifestyle as the main focus, I really think she has come in to her own. Her mouth-watering recipes and photographs are so Pinterest-worthy that one of her recipes was shortlisted in the Best Of Pinterest Food & Drink awards in the Best Recipe category last year – a huge accolade considering The Mother Cooker was still a fairly new website. If I’m ever in need of recipe inspiration or want to spend my lunch hours pretending I’m eating something more exciting than tomatoes and rye, I head over to Gem’s Instagram and happily scroll away. 


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Another fellow Northern girl and someone I’ve known a while from back when I used to dabble in the Vintage Fair scene! Catherine’s blog and social feeds have fast become some of my favourites, with the sweetest posts and photography. Primarily lifestyle, interior and motherhood based, her content is always a joy to browse through. Catherine’s home was recently featured on too, (which basically means that her house is what you would call ‘Goals’) which is no surprise judging by the dreamy, eclectic and retro vibes that she has managed to pull together so perfectly. I desperately need to go homeware shopping with her because she finds the best pieces!


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If you don’t know who Liv Purvis is then where on earth have you been? I remember when I jumped on the blogging scene a fair while back, and What Olivia Did was one of the first blogs I properly followed. I completely fell in love with her style and her mix of fashion and lifestyle posts, and reading what she wrote was like reading something from a dear friend or pen pal. I love learning about the gigs she has been to, the cakes she has baked and the new additions to her wardrobe, and she’s one of my favourites to watch on Insta Stories! Oh, and she shares my love of Westies! 


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If there’s a wardrobe I wish I owned, it would be Kristabel’s. Another blogger that I’ve followed since joining the blogosphere and someone that continues to inspire me is this beautiful lady! Her colourful style and photography are always so fun to see, as are her Youtube videos, and I love how she never takes herself too seriously. She’s authentic, creative, has an infectious smile and an Instagram feed that will have you scrolling for hours (girl, HOW do you find so many beautiful pastel houses and vintage cars?! Tell all!).  


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This beauty is another one of my go-to bloggers when I feel in a style rut or just need a dash of inspiration when I’m staring hopelessly at my floordrobe! Jazmine has such great style and her photos are always gorgeous. She knows how to rock a pair of jeans, but looks equally stunning in pretty dresses, and can be often found sporting beautiful prints. Plus, her social media feeds are dreamy! (Fun fact: I met her uncle at a blog event in Preston a few years ago!)


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I’m pretty sure you’re already aware of Vix, but just in case you’re not then please take my advice and follow her immediately! I absolutely love her blog (and her Twitter feed!) for its completely real, uncensored and often hilarious take on life, sex and relationships. She takes life by the balls (no pun intended), doesn’t take herself too seriously and is incredibly relatable. Vix won the Blogger’s Blog Award for ‘Best Dating & Relationship Blog’ and is currently writing two books, which I CAN. NOT. WAIT to read. 


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The Confetti Crowd is a group of four girls who are, as they so rightly put it themselves, ‘The UK’s Most Colourful Girl Gang of Creatives’ and I absolutely LOVE them! Not only are these ladies completely kick ass in their own creative fields, but they have the most insane style that I could only ever dream of pulling off, and they are all about confidence. Whether that be body confidence, the confidence to succeed at being a girl boss or the confidence to speak out about what matters the most, these girls are huge role models and I reckon they could take the world by storm. Plus I want to be in their gang. Please?

If you’ve got any recommendations for blogs you think I would love, or if you’re a blogger yourself and want to share your space of the internet, let me know! I’m always looking for a good read or new Insta feed to get completely lost in!

Which blogs give you the most inspiration right now?

C x


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