Green is a colour I’ve always approached with caution when it comes to fashion, mainly due to the fact that I wore this colour for five years at high school and absolutely despised it back then, but also because I think it can be a tricky colour to style. I’d had my eye on a bottle green jacket for a while now as I think the faux leather biker style is the easiest way to dip my foot in the water with the shade, and I finally found the perfect one from a company called Krisp! It’s the classic biker shape with silver hardwear and its such a flattering fit. I must admit though, when it landed on my doorstep it took me a while to decide what to wear it with as I’ve never worn this colour since my school days, and was adamant that I didn’t want it to look anything in the slightest like my old uniform, so white shirts and black trousers were a definite no-no for me! 


Green Biker Jacket – Krisp Clothing* // Stripe Drop Hem Dress – Primark // Converse – Very // Sunglasses – Primark // Bag – Primark


Whilst hunting through my wardrobe to find the perfect piece to pair with my jacket, I found a new purchase that I’d completely forgotten about! I picked this Primark seersucker drop hem dress up a few weekends back when we visited Lancaster for an afternoon out, and that afternoon the heavens opened, and it pretty much didn’t stop raining until yesterday, hence why its not had an outing! Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a sucker for stripes, so this blue and white little beauty was a no brainer at just £13! The soft pastel shades compliment the bold green of the jacket, and casual accessories pull everything together perfectly for a sunny day like today!

I’m already thinking of outfits to rock the jacket with – printed midi skirts and cami tops, floral mini dresses and pale ripped jeans are just a few of the things on my list!

Have you tried the green trend? How have you styled this tricky shade?

C x




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