So last time I wrote this kind of post where I talk about some of my favourite bloggers and why they inspire me, I decided I was going to make it a bi-monthly feature since there are so many bloggers and creators out there that I admire! Sticking to my guns and actually attempting to make a feature on my blog and keep it going (let’s see how long this lasts!), here’s my second instalment with another ten blogger babes who keep me inspired and remind why I decided to join the blogging community eight years ago! You’ve probably already heard of all of these, but maybe some of you will find someone new here in this list. Follow them all immediately – you won’t regret it! 

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I’ve followed Amy for a long, long time now and have loved watching her style evolve and her blog grow over the past few years. Her outfits are always inspiring and her Instagram page is a regular haunt of mine if I’m lacking in style ideas. I also love catching up with her Youtube videos as she’s always down-to-earth and funny – you feel like you’re catching up with a friend! Also I might have lost it recently when she liked a photo of mine on Twitter, but I like to think I played it cool as a cucumber…

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I met Sarah recently at the Boohoo Blogger Event in Warrington and we seemed to just click straight away. Both currently based in Preston, it was so nice to meet a fellow blogger living in the same city! Sarah is one super talented little lady, and uses her blog to primarily document her amazing illustration skills. Her work is beyond beautiful, and I love watching her Instagram stories where she is busy working away on her next piece. She also blogs about beauty and food amongst other things, and prides herself on being vegan and cooks up some amazing recipes, plus she’s passionate about supporting cruelty-free brands, which is super refreshing to see in this industry!

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A colleague of mine pointed me in the direction of Lizzy’s Instagram feed, and needless to say I’ve been hooked ever since. Lizzy’s style is so effortless and cool, and there hasn’t been an outfit of hers to date that I haven’t loved! I’m also a big fan of her blog, especially her ‘Week on 35mm’ posts where she documents her day-to-life with some great photography!

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I’ve followed Melissa’s blog pretty much since she started out, and have always loved her beautiful outfit posts. She has smart-casual dressing down to an absolute T, but the things I love to read most are her blogging tips and tricks. If ever I’m lacking inspiration with my own blog, or feel like I’m stuck in a blogging rut, I know I’ll always be able to find some great advice from Melissa!


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Estée has been one of my favourite Youtubers for quite some time now, and I’m sure most of you are nodding along and agreeing too! I absolutely love her fun, effortless style, her hair (one of my main inspirations for cutting mine short again!) and her warm personality. Her beauty reviews are always trustworthy and I always love to watch her vlogs. I definitely need to get my hands on her book ‘Bloom’!

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Lindsey is one of my current favourites on Instagram. Not only is she beautiful, but her style is SO good, her outfits are always so well put together and she has such a lovely personality. Watch her Insta stories and you’ll see what I mean! I actually met Lindsey four or five years back when she first started out blogging, at a North West blogger meet up I organised in Preston, so its incredible to see how well she is doing now! 


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Laura’s blog is one that has been a fairly recent discovery for me. I came across her on Instagram during a collaboration she had done with Miss Selfridge, and immediately hit ‘follow’. Her outfits are always attainable with really affordable high street finds, and she’s the sole reason behind my new found obsession with colour block suits! Plus, her hair is dreamy!


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Zoe is one of the few bloggers I’ve followed continuously from back when I started seven or eight years ago, and its been so inspiring to watch her blog and social channels evolve and grow over that time. She’s individual, has an amazing sense of style, she’s a talented DJ and has hair much cooler than mine will ever be! ! One of my favourite blogging moments of Zoe’s was when she went to Eurovision in Copenhagen a few years back – I loved seeing her take on something that is such a guilty pleasure of mine! 


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Ashleigh’s blog is another of my favourites, mainly because she is just one hundred percent herself and I love the fact that she doesn’t care what others think. Whether she’s talking about sex and relationships or even reviewing places and products, you always know that what you see is what you get, and I absolutely love that confidence honesty. I would highly recommend giving her a follow, especially if you live in London as she reviews some pretty darn tasty looking food there! 


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Lauren is probably the most inspiring person I’ve ever come across. Not only is her style, wit and sense of humour on her blog and social media feeds great to follow, but she also handled her recent cancer diagnosis and journey with the most amazing attitude. Not one to let this get her down, she used her platform to speak out about the disease and raise awareness in such a refreshing way for something that affects so many. A massive inspiration, I think you’ll all agree!

Phew – I could literally carry this post on forever, but let’s keep things under control for now and stick to ten bloggers at a time! If you’ve got any recommendations for blogs that you think I’d love to read then please do send links my way! I’m all about discovering new reads and style inspo, so the more the merrier! I’ll have another instalment with 10 more amazing influencers in August!

What are your favourite blogs to read right now?

C x 

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