I’m an absolute sucker for stationery and have far too much (probably more than I’ll ever need/use) and its no secret how much I love homeware and interiors, so when the lovely folk at Rooi got in touch to let me pick out a few pieces from their luxury living collections the answer was a pretty obvious HELL YES!

As soon as I spotted that Rooi stocked Kate Spade, it was a no brainer that I immediately found myself on the Kate Spade page! They have everything from diaries and pencil cases to umbrellas and water bottles, but something I’ve had my eye on for a while now are the gorgeous pencils, so I was chuffed to find they were in stock! I also spied the Kate Spade wedding planner but it was sadly out of stock. It’s so beautiful! 


Another stationery and homeware brand I LOVE is Ban.do. Their stationery is right up my street – cute pastel colours, holographic prints and the sassiest little slogans. I needed a pencil case to keep my work bag tidy as I can never find any pens (even though I know there’s at least fifteen in there somewhere) and couldn’t resist the ‘I am very busy’ design. Its definitely been a conversation starter whenever I’ve pulled it out of my bag at my desk so far!

Also from the Ban.do range, I chose the ‘Love Potion’ mug to add to my ever growing collection, because evidently I’m obsessed with slogans EVERYWHERE; T Shirts, pencil cases, mugs – you name it!


Kate Spade Dot The I’s Pencil Set* // Ban.do Pink Ceramic Love Potion Mug* // Ban.do I Am Very Busy Pencil Case* – all from Rooi


If you love stationery and home accessories like these as much as I do, then you’re in luck! Rooi have kindly given Who What Claire readers 20% off all full priced items with the code 20CLAIRE. I’m thinking of placing a cheeky order for the ‘After this we’re getting pizza’ exercise mat (because why not?!) and a guestbook for our wedding. Let me know in the comments below if you pick anything up!

What are your favourite stationery brands? 

C x

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