A perfume that’s been on my radar for a while now, but one I’ve not had chance to try until recently, is the first offering from Missguided in the form of their Babe Power Eau De Parfum in all its rose gold glory! I’ll admit when I first saw this release doing the rounds I was a little sceptical as I’ve seen other launches like this from other fashion brands flop in the past, but being a sucker for anything copper and a pretty big fan of Missguided, I wanted to give it a whirl!

Firstly, the packaging is something you’ll either love or hate. On paper, a perfume contained in a copper metal can doesn’t really sound that much, but in reality I think it really works for this. Its on trend, on brand and isn’t like anything I’ve seen available in the perfume counters before, plus it makes for a pretty clever ad campaign! I love the fact that the ring pull is actually the pump press – nice little detail there, Missguided! Quality wise, I think its great for the price. At £28.00 you get a sturdy, stylish can (granted its not a bottle that would sit alongside the likes of the Jo Malones, Tom Fords and Diptyques, but that’s not the vibe they’re going for) and 80ml of a pretty nice perfume.Now on to the important part – the scent! Babe Power has top notes of grapefruit, sour cherry, pink pepper, apple, pineapple and rhubarb – basically a mix of all my favourite scents in one. The heart notes are orange blossom peony and jasmine, and the base notes are vanilla, candy floss, sensual musk and amber – all of which I’d say definitely come through when it starts to settle. Its starts off as a fruity sweet fragrance on first spritz, which worried me a little at first as those are usually the kind of heavy fragrances that give me a headache, but once it had settled on my skin and clothing it turned in to something much more wearable for me with amber and musk being the main players. I’d happily wear this day or night thanks to the mix of light fruity notes with deeper scents like musk and vanilla.

Babe Power Eau De Parfum – £28.00 for 80ml – Missguided*

All in all I’m pleasantly surprised by Babe Power – I thought it was going to be something that I’d hate but I think its actually something that would suit a lot of people, and ages. I’ve had a couple of compliments when I’ve been wearing it, which is always a good sign! Its not going to be the first perfume I reach for on a daily basis, but it will definitely be one I keep in my handbag for top ups when I’m on the go, or for wearing in the evening when I want a slightly deeper scent than my usual go-to perfumes. For a high street perfume, I’m impressed!

Let me know what your thoughts are on Missguided’s first foray in to the fragrance market!

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