I can’t believe how quickly I’m flying through the Results With Lucy plan! I mean, we’re half way through August already!? I’ve now come to the end of the second phase of the fitness plan and wanted to share my thoughts on the Wobble To Model section, which is the second part of the Class of 2017 plan.

I’m going to be completely honest here and say that I haven’t stuck to this plan anywhere near as much as I hoped to. Over the final three or four weeks my eating habits weren’t been the best, but I’ve stuck to the workouts throughout and my fitness levels definitely improved.

There aren’t really any excuses for falling off the wagon with the food side of things as it’s just me having zero willpower, but there are a few factors that have made sticking to a diet pretty difficult on some occasions (days and nights away for work, meals out with family and friends, and feeling under the weather for a number of days). Because of this my results are nowhere near as good as I hoped they would be at the start of Wobble To Model, but I have maintained my weight and tried to keep up with the fitness side of things as best as I can.

When it comes to the food on this plan, nothing much has really changed since New Beginnings which is great for me because I actually enjoy a lot of the recipes. I have had to adapt the menus and swap out meals from the suggested meal planner as there are a few things in there I’m not keen on (quinoa and couscous – I’m looking at you), but generally all of the recipes I do eat (when I’m on track) are delicious!

One of the main things that I’ve loved over the past 13 weeks is the Fakeaway Guide that Louise, the RWL Nutritionist has created. This is packed full of healthy variations on takeaways, and everything I’ve tried from it has been SO GOOD! My favourites from this guide have been the fried rice, chicken satay and chicken jalfrezi, all of which are really easy to make and completely guilt free.

When it comes to the exercises, things definitely stepped up a gear in this part of the plan. There was still the usual four workouts a week but this time round they were a little longer, generally around an hour rather than the usual 40 minutes in New Beginnings, and they were more about the whole body rather than a target area, so you really felt like you’d worked every inch of the body after each session. The intensity has definitely increased but not in a way that caused any pain. I did occasionally find some of the moves difficult to master (I still can’t do a press-up to save my life) and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t end up in a heap on the floor in tears a few times, but overall I enjoyed the workouts and felt like I’d accomplished something after each and every one.

My Results

So now for the results. I’m actually pretty disappointed in myself for letting myself fall off track as I know these results could have been so much better. There isn’t a huge change in my shape from the start to the end of this plan, but the real change is from the start of New Beginnings in February (see my progress photos here). The thing I have noticed is that I’m toning up more in places, especially on my legs. It wasn’t until I saw the images from my M&S swimwear review  post that I noticed the change, but I’m really pleased as it’s been such a stubborn area for me to tone.

Here are my measurements from the start of New Beginnings, to the start of Wobble To Model and then to now.


CHEST          -2.5″
ARMS           -2″ (1″ on each)
WAIST          -2.5″
HIPS             -3″
BOTTOM     -0.5″
THIGH         -1″ (0.5″ on each)
TOTAL        -12.5 inches
WEIGHT     -9 lbs


CHEST          -0.5″
ARMS           -2″ (1″ on each)
WAIST          -0.5″
STOMACH  +0.5″
HIPS             -1″
BOTTOM     -0.5″
THIGH         -2.5″ (1.25″ on each)
TOTAL        -6.5 inches
WEIGHT     -0 lbs


CHEST          -3″
ARMS           -4″ (2″ on each)
WAIST          -3″
STOMACH  -0.5″
HIPS             -4″
BOTTOM     -1″
THIGH         -3.5″ (1.75″ on each)
TOTAL        -19 inches
WEIGHT     -9 lbs

As you can see, not a huge change and in some cases no change at all, but overall I’ve still lost almost 20 inches, which is actually quite a lot when you look at that on a tape measure, and as I mentioned before, I’ve still managed to maintain my weight, even when my diet has slipped.

I’ve now started the final phase of Class of 2017 now, which is Hit Harder. The intensity has definitey gone up a (big) notch and that took my body by surprise on day one, but I’m starting to enjoy the fast pace of them and I’m back on track with my healthy eating plan!

I’m definitely going to be taking this phase more seriously and work harder to stick to my diet (and friends reading this, please take note and refrain from offering me cake) in the hope that I can see some better results in 12 weeks time! It’s less than a year to go until our wedding now so I have something to drive me and work towards, so I’m feeling positive!

If you’ve done the Wobble To Model phase on Results With Lucy, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

C x


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