Long time followers will know that I’ve been on a long quest to get my hair to where it is now, going from blonde highlights, to all-over white blonde, then suddenly deciding to go ombre with my natural colour on top, to now, with natural blonde balayage. Going through this process over the past five years has really taken its toll on my hair condition, and completely stripped me of my natural curls that I used to have pre-bleach. My hair is often dry and dull and can be difficult to manage, and my blonde can often fade really quickly, so I’m always on the hunt for products that will take it back to its old bright and glossy just-dyed self.

I’ve tried a lot of new shampoos over the years and have liked some, and absolutely hated others, but only now have I found one that actually does what it says on the tin. Enter the Kérastase Reflection range! Designed to help preserve the colour in coloured hair and give long-lasting shine, this collection has literally become my holy grail in haircare. I’ve been test driving these products for a couple months now, using them religiously, and I’ve seen some great results.

Kérastase Reflection range – from £18.60 – Kérastase*

First up is the Bain Chromatique Riche shampoo and the Fondant Chromatique conditioner. I use the shampoo for every hair wash, which tends to be every other day, and love everything about it. Its designed for highly sensitised coloured hair (bingo), as is the conditioner which protects and leaves the hair feeling silky soft. I tend to leave this on for five minutes in the shower before I rinse it off and I’m always so pleased with the texture of my hair afterwards. I use this in rotation with the dreamiest hair mask ever, the Masque Chromatique.

The mask comes in two variations depending on hair type, and mine is for fine hair which is perfect for me.I hate it when a conditioning product weighs the hair down, but this definitely doesn’t! This can be used on its own after shampooing as a nourishing treatment, and rinsed off after a few minutes which leaves my hair visibly glossier and much easier to manage. My favourite way to use it though is with the Touche Chromatique in Cool Blonde which I guess you could say is a toner!

This nifty little product has completely changed the game for me, and even over a month after my last colour, my blonde is still looking bright and fabulous thanks to this! All you do is add ten pumps of this purple dye to a tablespoon measure of the mask and give it a good mix, et voila! I love putting this on my hair once a week for the ultimate pamper session. I run it through the whole lengths of my hair, massaging it in to the ends in particular where most of my colour is, and leave it to work its magic for five minutes before rinsing out.

This was the standout product for me, and just after using this once I saw a huge difference in the colour. Its basically a more concentrated purple shampoo that neutralises the colour and gets rid of any brassy tones, leaving my blonde looking pale and ashy, just like it was when I had it coloured at the beginning of September. I can’t say anything but good things about the Touche Chromatique, and if your not a blondey like me, its also available in Cool Brown, Copper or Red, too!

I’m honestly so impressed with these products and what they’ve done to my hair. I often find a shampoo or a conditioner that I really like, but never before have I tried four products from a collection and loved them all. Bravo Kérastase! My blonde locks are going to be looking lovely and lasting so much longer than usual!

Let me know if you’ve tried anything from this collection!

C x

*I received these products free of charge to review, but as always, opinions are my own and 100% honest


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