I’m sure you’ll all have heard the news that Glamour Magazine is going ‘digital first’, focusing its content online and ending its monthly print edition. As of January 2018, Glamour will be ceasing is twelve print runs a year, and instead launching a bi-annual edition, whilst the majority of content will continue to be published on the Glamour website.

I don’t know about you, but when I heard the news at the start of the month, I was genuinely left feeling disheartened and sad for the magazine. Glamour is a title that I’ve bought for countless years, from being at college and university where I studied art, then fashion styling, and filled my sketchbooks and moodboards with cutouts from the pages, to now, where you will almost always find a copy in my bag to make early morning commutes a little more exciting. The fashion pages always excite me, the articles are always so well written, and the amazing ladies who grace the cover are always so inspiring, so its going to be sad to lose that monthly dose of escapism.

Whilst on one hand this news came as a shock, on the other hand I can’t actually say I’m that surprised. Digital content has sky rocketed over the past few years and more and more people are turning to their phones for the latest fashion and beauty news, whether it be through magazine websites, Twitter, Instagram, or blogs! Which kind of makes the whole thing feel a little bitter sweet – its amazing to see that the digital world of blogs and online content has become so influential, but at the same time, its the whole reason magazines like Glamour are having to cease printing. Is it us who are causing this?

I for one will still be visiting Glamour online for their new and improved collection of content, which will now be much more beauty focused, and I’ll be eagerly awaiting their bi-monthly print editions for my physical-actual-real-life magazine fix (there’s just something about having a proper magazine to read!). Glamour has been a part of my life for a long time now, offering advice through my teenage years, right through to my late twenties, and is something to get completely lost in. Its a magazine that always catered to my loves – fashion, lifestyle and beauty – and one of the many reasons that inspired (and keeps on inspiring) me to write, pursue my career and work in fashion and retail.

I’ll be so sad to see the monthly edition go, but I’m so excited to see how they shake things up with their new direction. The women’s magazine world is ready for some change, especially since readerships of some of our favourite glossies are declining by the month, so hopefully this news will trigger some exciting new things!

Let me know your thoughts!

C x

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