Skincare has been something I’ve not really taken that seriously over the years, and I’m ashamed to say I used to be the kind of girl who would just use a face wipe to get rid of a full face of make up and assume that was enough, but recently I’ve really got in to taking care of my skin following a horrendous break out a couple months back! I’ve spoken previously about some other products that have played a big part in calming my skin, but I’ve also got to give these Temple Spa products a big shout out too, as they’ve been paramount when it comes to keeping the pesky spots at bay!

Temple Spa is a brand that’s fairly new to me, and I was very kindly sent a few things to try out recently, just at the perfect time when said breakout came in to play, so my skin was crying out for some TLC! The products I received where handpicked for me and my skin type, as they are formulated to help with acne prone skin and breakouts – winner!

The first two products I want to talk about are two very different (but equally dreamy) cleansers that are now well and truly engrained in my daily skincare routine. In the mornings I’ve been using the Way To Go Cleansing Gel Wash to kick start my routine and leave my skin feeling squeaky clean. It gets rid of excess oil, unclogs the pores and is super light weight, making it the perfect first step.

In the evenings I then switch to the In The Beginning Deep Cleansing Melt which is probably one of my favourite cleansers I’ve ever used! This is more of a rich, exfoliating cleanser with more of a luxurious feel to it. I often use this to take my make up off if I’ve not got too much on, otherwise I’ll use it after removing make up with micellar water. I simply massage it in to the skin and let it work its magic, then wipe it away with a damp soft muslin cloth, et voila – super clean, soft skin!

The next step that follows for me after cleansing, is to use a serum and moisturiser, which again is something I very rarely used to do! Firstly I reach for the Be Clear Ultimate Correcting Serum which is designed to target blemishes, dark spots and discolouration, and I can always see a difference in my skin tone after applying this. It just seems to magically even things out!  Then my next and final step before applying my make up is the amazing Moisture Matte Mattifying Moisturiser which I absolutely swear by for long days or nights out when I want my make up to stay in place. Not only is it a silky soft moisturiser that is perfect for oily skin, but it also acts as a primer too! Genius.

The final product in my Temple Spa collection is the Purification Deep Cleansing Mask, described as ‘a vacuum cleaner for the pores’ – which is both incredible and gross in equal measures! I usually use this once a week to give my skin a luxurious treat or if its looking a little on the dull side, and it works like a dream. Its a thick purifying clay mask that really does unclog pores and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and refreshed.

Thank you so much to Temple Spa for introducing me to these dreamy products and helping my skin become so much clearer! I’m so pleased with the results I’ve seen so far!

I’d love to hear your recommendations from the Temple Spa range – which products have you tried and loved?

C x


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  1. Hi, I have recently been introduced to temple spa by a friend who is a consultant. I was like you and just used baby wipes… handy as I have a little one 🙂 I have always worn makeup because of my uneven skin tone, red cheeks etc… oh my days this stuff is amazing. I use the good to go cleanser as I love the foam, then the toner, then the moisturiser I use is the new one with the SPF in it (forgot name) in the morning but at night my moisturiser is the repose. Let’s just say- a year ago, after using these products for a week… I haven’t worn makeup since! None! I feel so comfortable and confident in my own skin. I have just turned 30 and my skin has never been younger looking and lovelier… now I just need a wonder cream to remove the fat from my butt haha

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