This weekend has been just what the doctor ordered – a super chilled out couple of days, mostly spent on the sofa, unwinding from a busy week and taking time out to look after myself. The laziness of the past 48 hours has meant that I haven’t made any great deal of effort with my appearance (soz to anyone who’s seen me…), which has been amazing but meant that I’ve not been outdoors shooting outfit pictures! Luckily though I had these ones in the bank from last weekend!

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this dreamy little Zara jacket?! I completely forgot I’d bought it with some birthday money back when we took a trip to York in September, and I’m kicking myself now for missing out on a good couple of months of wear!! I absolutely love shearling style jackets, but this is a little different to the ones that are all over the high street right now. Firstly, its cropped, but more obviously, its PEACH!  

Peach Shearling Jacket – Zara // Bangers T Shirt – Girl Vs Cancer // Black Skinny Jeans – River Island // Ankle Boots – Topshop // Fedora Hat – Primark // Bucket Bag – H&M

You all know I love a pop of colour in my wardrobe, so I think its pretty clear why this made its way back up north with me after spying it on the rails in York’s Zara store, practically asking me to buy it. It works so well with so many pieces in my wardrobe, but I love how it looks worn over a statement tee, and you don’t get more statement than this one! Plus, it was less than £30, so an absolute bargain, I think you’ll agree.

If you haven’t already heard of Girl vs Cancer, go and check it out immediately! Run by one super strong, badass blogging babe – Lolli – who recently beat breast cancer, the site is all about raising awareness and funds for some incredible cancer charities through a range of fabulously sassy T shirts, or should I say ‘tit-tees’?! Whether you call them your bangers, mammaries, lady lumps or knockers, wear your tit-ee with pride!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend! Fill me in on what you’ve got up to!

C x



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