If there’s one thing I love, its sleep, and when a product comes around that promises to make going to sleep that little bit easier, I’m all for it! I’m definitely one of those people whose anxiety comes out to play just as their head hits the pillow, and often find myself remembering things I need to do at work, thinking of blog post ideas and just generally feeling unable to switch off at bed time, so the arrival of the Ren ‘& Now To Sleep’ Pillow Spray on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago was a welcome treat.

Having an overactive mind and spending many a night laying in bed with ideas and thoughts buzzing around your brain is definitely not the best when early morning train commutes are involved, so I’ve started to use this regularly, especially on evenings that call for an early night and an even earlier wake up call.

The pillow spray is made up of a unique blend of essential oils including frankincense and lavender to calm the body and mind, reduce anxiety and help with natural sleep balance. Its got such a lovely, subtle scent that’s really soothing and comforting.

& Now To Sleep Pillow Spray – Ren Skincare* – £18 for 75ml

I’ve found that when I’ve used this, drifting off to sleep is much easier and Dan even likes it too! I’ve come to associate the calming fragrance with sleep now, and its definitely one I’ll be packing in my overnight back for work trips when I struggle to relax away from my own bed.

This is my first foray in to the world of Ren products, and I’m so impressed with this that I’m thinking of trying out some of their skincare items too. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

C x


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