Its no secret that planning a wedding can be a stressful thing to do, but no one can quite prepare you for the mammoth task that awaits you once you’ve come down from the heady highs of being newly engaged! I penned a post earlier this year on all the things that no one tells you about planning a wedding, and in the four months since writing that, I think I can finally say we’ve (kind of) got this whole planning thing down.

There is obviously a LOT of stress, and even the most organised bride-to-be on the planet would probably still agree with that, but the biggest tip I’ve learnt since saying ‘yes’ is to keep a record of every. single. thing. Staying organised is one of the hardest but best things to do, and here’s how we’ve been keeping our ducks in a row.

Use a Wedding Planning Book

(Or if you’re like me, use three). I’ve actually got a binder, a big notebook and a smaller notebook -not excessive at all – but all are for different things and different stages of our planning. I’ve got this A4 wedding note book which I’m using for guest lists, supplier details and quotes, table planning and inspiration mood boards for everything from photography to room dressing – call this one a physical Pinterest board, if you will! It gets a little messy but its where I can throw all of our ideas down on paper. Then I have a binder which is where I keep all of our invoices, some booking confirmations and other important info such as addresses for sending out invites, information about our venue and wedding insurance documents – all the important stuff that we need to refer back to regularly. We use this Kikki K wedding planner which also comes with some print outs which have been super handy. Then finally i have the super cute Kate Spade Bride2Be notebook which I’m keeping for when everything is actually finalised – this will come in to play more in the new year when we’re on the six month count down and will include our chosen suppliers’ details, notes from meetings with our venue and information we’ll need when we’re busy buying things and decking out our venue! Its a great size to keep in my handbag and take out and about, and was a gift from one of my beautiful bridesmaids!

Create a Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

Okay so here’s where things get a bit more technical, but I promise you it is so worth it. Dan and I have set up a spreadsheet which we have shared access to in Google Docs and its one of the best things we’ve done to save time and stress when it comes to money. We’ve listed each of our suppliers, their final quotes, deposit amounts, how much is still outstanding, and when final payments are due. This part of planning is an absolute minefield as every supplier has a different due date and percentage deposit, so this helps us to keep on top of everything on one page.

We then have another section which shows how much each of us has saved each week, how much we’ve spent so far, and the scariest part of all, how much we still need to pay. I swear I have palpitations whenever I open this, but if we didn’t have it I dread to think what kind of a mess we’d be in! I’d highly recommend setting something up like this that you and your husband or wife to-be can also edit, then you have a clear view of your wedding costs and there are no nasty surprises along the way.

File All Of Your Wedding Emails In One Place

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll know only too well how full your inbox gets, and how quickly! When you start emailing round for viewing requests, supplier quotes and dress fittings, things can get out of hand and emails can easily get lost amongst all of your personal ones. I’ve set up a folder within my inbox that I move everything wedding-related over to once I’ve read it, which keeps everything in one place and easy to find when I need to refer back for payment information, contact details or just to re-jog my memory on any of the details.

Even better, you could even set up a whole new email account just for wedmin, then there’s no confusion between work life, personal life and the dreaded bridezilla life (I promised myself I wouldn’t become one but here I am, barking orders at suppliers and chasing emails that probably don’t need to be chased!).


Those are my three key tips and things I’ve learnt so far that I’d recommend doing sooner rather than later to help keep everything on track, but obviously the main thing is to try and enjoy the process as much as possible! Another thing I’d recommend is talking to people around you who’ve got married recently and ask for their advice – one of my bridesmaids is my go-to if I have any questions or worries as she’s done it all herself already!

Planning such a big thing takes up such a lot of your time, and much as I moan about it right now, I’ll probably be gutted once its all over as my evenings will be free again, but keeping organised will at least help it go smoothly.

I’d love to hear all of your wedding planning tips too!

C x

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