Hello, hello! I hope you’ve all had a lovely and relaxing Christmas break! Mine was great, despite being struck down with the mother of all colds from Christmas Eve right through to today, hence why things have been a little quiet round these parts! Today I could just about manage to keep a full face of make up in place without it streaming off with watery eyes or being rubbed off every time I blew my nose (such a great look), so to celebrate starting to feel human again, I got off the sofa and headed out to shoot this outfit!

I’m not normally one for setting resolutions, but back in January I decided to pen a few goals for 2017 that would make some subtle improvements to my life, health and general happiness, and since I’ll be in Essex, probably knee deep in gin at the New Year, I thought I’d revisit these a little earlier!


One of my first and probably most important goals was to save as much money as I could. Our wedding is happening in six months (argh!) and we’re paying for the majority of things ourselves, so saving money is a top priority. I’ll be completely honest here and say I’ve not saved quite as much as I had hoped, but I’m still pleased with what I’ve managed to put away, and I’m even more motivated than ever now to keep going and save more than ever now that we’re at the final stretch!

My second goal was to learn to love health and fitness. Now I think I made some really good progress on this one, even if things did tail off in the last couple of months. I managed to stick to a health and fitness plan for around 30 weeks (a massive achievement for me, even though I didn’t finish it!) and I rejoined the gym and actually enjoy going now. Now that the 6 month countdown is here, I’ll be setting myself some targets to improve my diet and fitness to ensure I feel at my healthiest and happiest on our wedding day!

When it came to blogging, the only real goal I set myself at the start of this year was to get back in to posting regular outfit posts, and I’m so pleased that I did this. Personal style is something I’ve always been so passionate about and I love putting looks together from my wardrobe, so this was an easy one for me to achieve. This year I upgraded my camera with the Olympus Pen  Pl7, and its been the best thing I did for my blog! I’ve become much more confident with my style this year too, and I can’t wait to show you my annual ‘Year In Outfits’ post!

Another 2017 goal of mine was to stop wasting days on the sofa, and I think I can safely say this is also ticked off the list! Obviously the odd day spent in pyjamas is fine, but this year I was determined to spend my days off more productively. This year we’ve taken ourselves out for little road trips, brunches and lunches out in new places, even mornings at the gym! Its been so nice to spend time together outside of the house, and now we’ve discovered lots more places to eat and drink!   

Fluffy Faux Fur Jacket – H&M // Polka Dot Pussy Bow Blouse – H&M // Side Stripe Trousers – Stradivarius via ASOS // Adidas Stan Smith Trainers – Very // Mustard Velvet Bag – Very 

My final goal of the year was to start saying yes to more opportunities, and this I definitely did! I’ve been to more blog events around the UK, I’ve met so many more new people, and I’ve had so much fun along the way. I’ll be taking this one in to 2018, for sure!

Next year is a biggie for us, as we finally get married, so most of my goals for 2018 will be based around that, and generally trying the live the happiest life possible. No negativity, no comparison and certainly no regrets. I’ve also got my 30 before 30 list to have a good stab at, so I’m feeling all kinds of excited and motivated for new beginnings. Bring on the new year!

What are your biggest achievements from the past twelve months? I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned for 2018 too!

C x



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