Over the past few years I think its fair to say that my style has changed a fair bit, but I’d probably say in the last 18 months or so, I’ve become comfortable in a certain ‘look’ and really learnt what shapes and colour suit my body shape, but more importantly, what I feel happiest and most myself in. I’m a big believer in the whole concept of ‘if you feel good you will look good’ and that’s something I try to go by rather than trying to emulate someone else’s style or  religiously following the latest trends.

There was a point when I spent a day completely clearing out my wardrobe when everything seemed to click in to place. The items that were left after I’d got rid of anything that I didn’t like anymore or no longer fit me were all certain styles: boyfriend fit shirts, oversized tees, chunky knitwear, skinny and straight leg jeans, a selection of mini and midi dresses and plenty of colour! In the shoe department it was mainly trainers and heeled ankle boots that made the cut, and to this day, I think those items sum up my personal style!

I think I’ve always been a casual girl at heart, so its not surprise that the majority of items that survived that wardrobe cull were denim and T shirts! I’m all about feeling comfortable yet confident in my outfits rather than dressing to please other people, so you’ll find me living in jeans most of the time, and when it comes to dressing up for an occasion I’ll either add some heels to dress up a daytime look, or head to my wardrobe for one of the dresses that makes me feel the most fabulous version of myself!

Finding those ‘go-to’ pieces can be tricky, but when you find a style that works, run with it! For example I know that midi dresses really suit my frame when worn with a heel, especially if they’re a wrap style that pulls me in at the waist, or an oversized fit that skims over my body, so I always try and stick to those kind of shapes when shopping for dresses.

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Another thing that I’ve become so much more confident with is colour, and its something that was missing from my wardrobe for some time. Being very fair skinned I’d always been cautious of bright colours or experimenting with bold shades in case they washed me out too much or made me look silly, but I’ve learnt that in actual fact, the boldest colours can be complimentary to fair skin tones, and if they’re not then who the hell cares? I feel myself when I’m wearing splashes of colour and it instantly lifts my mood, so I’m going to ignore the ‘rules’ and wear as much as possible (within reason!).

You’ll mostly find pinks, reds and blues in my wardrobe as these are the ones that make me feel good and that I’m most drawn to, and likewise when I buy new pieces, they tend to be in these shades!

Some tips on finding your personal style

Look at the people who’s style inspires you and figure out what things they all have in common. Is it a certain colour palette? A particular silhouette? Try applying this common denominator to your own look and see how it works on you.

Have a wardrobe refresh! Get rid of the things you no longer like to wear, anything you haven’t worn in the last 6 months, and anything that no longer fits, then have a closer look at the pieces that are left hanging on the rail to give you an idea of the cuts, styles and colours you like to wear.

Take note of the items you get rid of, too! Then avoid these styles/colours/shapes on your next shopping trip.

Figure out which colours suit you and which make you feel the best when you wear them, and then try and stick to those shades that increase your confidence!

Invest in key pieces that will stand the test of time; a killer jacket, a great pair of jeans, some confidence boosting shoes or a beautifully made dress – pieces that can be worn over and over again that make you look and feel amazing

Pink Aviator Jacket – Cari’s Closet* // T Shirt – H&M // Jeans – River Island // Converse – Very // Circle Bag – Next* // Necklace – Oliver Bonas

This outfit is typical of my day-to-day style; Straight leg jeans with a slogan print tee tucked in, a statement jacket and bag, and comfy trainers – and I love it! The jacket is a new addition to my wardrobe from Cari’s Closet and it has to be the cosiest thing I own. Its been perfect whilst we’ve had a super cold few weeks as its lined with faux fur and is SO warm!

I’d love to hear all about your personal style and what your favourite pieces to wear are!

C x



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