It’s been a while since I wrote one of these posts, but what better time to celebrate some more of my favourite ladies in the blogging industry than on International Women’s Day? There are so many girls (and guys!) out there right now who are producing incredible content and whenever I come to penning one of these posts I always struggle to whittle things down to just 10, but here goes!

Lydia Millen
Blog / Youtube / Twitter / Instagram
Bloggers that inspire me - Lydia MillenIt was a no-brainer for me to start this post off Lydia. There is no stopping this beauty right now! From campaigns with super brands such as L’Oreal, to gracing the latest issue of Blogosphere magazine, she’s a huge inspiration to many of us bloggers, I’m sure! Finding someone who is a huge success but also down-to-earth and completely relatable in what they do can be a rarity in this industry lately, but that’s completely what you get with Lydia and her content. Oh, and her wedding is giving me ALL the inspiration!


Fashernably Late
Blog / Youtube / Twitter / InstagramBloggers That Inspire Me - Fashernably LateI was lucky enough to meet Sabina last year at a spa event with Boohoo and I’ve been obsessed with her style ever since! Being a fellow Northerner, it’s always so nice to see her shoots in Manchester. She manages to make all of her outfits look so well put-together and she’s always a great dose of inspiration for me when I’m stuck in an outfit rut, especially when it comes to nailing the perfect balance of smart and casual.


Chloe Plumstead
Blog / Youtube / Twitter / InstagramBlogger that inspire me - Chloe PlumsteadChloe’s blog is one of my favourites to read right now as its the perfect mix of beautiful photographs and incredibly honest content. Whenever I head to Little Plum I get lost in reading post after post as her writing is so addictive to read, and she always hits the nail on the head with her relatable content. Often her posts feel like they’ve been written about me, as I find myself nodding along and agreeing with her think pieces every time! Definitely one to follow if you’re looking for something great to read and endless effortlessly cool outfits!


Sophie Milner
Blog / Youtube / Twitter / Instagram
Bloggers that inspire me - Sophie Milner Fashion Slave
If you’re not following Sophie already, then you definitely should be! Her blog Fashion Slave is one of my favourites and such a great read! I absolutely adore her style and if I could have Sophie’s gorgeous hair that would be just perfect. Not only is her blog one I love to browse for outfit inspiration and great content, but I also love her Youtube videos too, for her styling tips and warm personality. Its like having a friend you’ve known for years in the room with you!


Beth Sandland
Blog / Twitter / Instagram
I discovered Beth’s blog a few months back after Lydia Millen mentioned her on Instagram stories, and I’ve been hooked ever since! I absolutely love Beth’s warm and funny personalities on her own Insta stories, and she seems so lovely and down to earth. Her photographs are beautiful and her content and opinions are always ones I feel I can trust!


Lauren Black
Blog / Twitter / Instagram
Blogs that inspire me - Lauren Black
I’ve been following (stalking) Lauren’s Instagram for a while now, and its always one I turn to when I’m sat staring at the items hanging in my wardrobe, desperately in need of some serious inspiration. If there’s a girl who knows how to nail everyday smart-casual, its Lauren. I love everything from her blunt bob to her trainer collection, and I basically need everything in her wardrobe, immediately!


Helen Anderson
Blog / Youtube / Twitter / Instagram
Bloggers that inspire me - Helen Anderson
I’ve followed Helen on Youtube for a LONG time now and have always loved her infectious personality, her bold style and her ability to make me howl with laughter. Her haul videos are my favourite to watch because I always want pretty much everything she features in them, and I love her vlogs for a glimpse in to her day to day life, full of fun, honesty and a reminder to not take life to seriously – Check out her makeover video if you’re in need of a good giggle!


Charlotte Buttrick
Blog / Youtube / Twitter / Instagram
Charlotte was another blogger that I discovered through Instagram and immediately became obsessed wit her gorgeous styling. Not only is she such a sweetheart, leaving the most lovely comments on Instagram and always being super engaged with her followers, but boy can this girl put a look together! I’ve recently starting keeping up with her blog, Lurchhound Loves, and love every single post she writes. Another wardrobe I’d definitely love to raid!


Freddie Harrel
BlogTwitter / Instagram
Bloggers that inspire me - Freddie Hareel
I came across Freddie a while back when I saw her featured on the Very website and couldn’t get enough of her bright and bold styling, and oh my goodness that gorgeous hair! I’m always so happy to see one of her posts pop up on my Instagram feed as they’re so fun and colourful, topped off with her infectious smile! She’s definitely one of my style inspirations and someone I hugely respect and admire. Not only is she a blogger and Instagrammer, Freddie also founded SHE Unleashed, focusing on all things confidence boosting and girl power!


Olivia & Alice
Blog / Twitter / Instagram

Where can I start with these gorgeous girls?! If you didn’t guess it from the above photo, Olivia and Alice are probably two of the most stylish girls in the blogging game right now and I’m so glad I discovered them! These beaut sisters are absolutely killing it with their outfits and I just can’t get enough of their fun and fearless style. Their London and Paris Fashion Week coverage has been some of my favourite that I’ve seen, and I can see that these girls are going to go on to do huge things. Any room for a third sister?!

So there you have it! Another instalment of some of my absolute favourite bloggers, Instagrammers and Youtubers! I’m sure you’re all following the majority of these, if not all of them, but if not then hopefully you’ve found some new inspiration and someone new to follow.

Who are your favourites right now?

C x

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