During the past few beautiful sunny days (which in true British fashion are now well and truly over!) I’ve been switching my wardrobe up a little for the season and wearing a few more Spring Summer pieces. Like I mentioned in my recent post all about how I’m stepping out of my denim comfort zone, I’m trying not to reach for my failsafe jeans the whole time, so I’ve been opting for midi skirts whilst the weather has been lovely and warm!

Midi skirts have always been my item of choice when it comes to warmer weather; they’re really easy to style, they’re super comfortable to wear and for someone like me who isn’t hugely confident in getting their legs out, they’re the perfect warm weather option. I thought I’d chat you through how I style mine, as I’ll be reaching for them a lot this season, and of course I’m the ultimate cliche and found a blossom tree to take some photos underneath! 

So I have quite a lot of midi skirts in various shapes and styles, and my most worn are probably this Zara striped A line skirt and this ASOS tiered printed midi, but yesterday I wore a style that is pretty new to me. This one, also from Asos, is fairly fitted around the top, skims the thighs then kicks out in to some beautiful ruffles towards the bottom, and has a slight asymmetric hem. Its also got a stunning print which is what drew me to it in the first place, and its also available in a curve option!

For me, the easiest way to style one of these skirts and the one you’ll see me in the most, is with a simple T shirt and trainers combo. This works with most styles and is a great way to dress down an item that you’d probably mostly associate with a more formal dressed up look. I try and keep the T shirt simple for a printed skirt, opting for either something completely plain in a block colour, or something in white or grey with a little slogan like I chose here. My Holy Chic tee (how much do you love that slogan?!) was kindly gifted by the Old English Company and the Letter Clothing Company, who you’ll find out more about soon in another post!



The denim jacket is a great addition to this look (and fills the denim shaped hole in this outfit for me!) as its casual and perfect for Spring. I found that throwing this on finished off the look really well and also pulled out the blue tones in the skirt really nicely. If you wanted to smarten things up a little though, a blazer would work well in either a block colour or a clashing print if you wanted something a little more out there.

When it comes to footwear, like I said, trainers are a great option here and a juxtaposition between smart and casual which I love. This look would also work really well with a brogue or loafer if you were to make it more office appropriate, and a heel would also look great, especially with the asymmetric hem and ruffle style!

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Denim Jacket – Vintage // Holy Chic T Shirt – Letter Clothing Company* // Floral Midi Skirt – ASOS // Red String Bag – Topshop // Nike Cortez Trainers – Very // Cat Eye Sunglasses – H&M 

I’m definitely going to be sporting midi skirts more often this Spring and have my eye on a couple more styles that I’d love to add to my collection in the coming months. They’re just a great wardrobe staple that can work so well for work or play, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in my outfits this season!

Hope you’ve also had a fabulous few days in the sunshine and a lovely weekend!

C x


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