We’ve now (scarily) passed the ‘two months to go’ mark with our wedding, and it seems like our big day that once felt so far away is now hurtling towards us at some speed! Those of you who are married or havie been involved in planning a wedding before will feel our pain in these final weeks now, as purse strings are tightened, the majority of payments are now due and we’re chasing RSVPs like no tomorrow. I can honestly say that I know why people use the phrase ‘Bridezilla’, as I’ve definitely felt my inner Monica Gellar/control freak come out more times than I care to admit in the past couple of weeks. Stress levels are definitely heightened, that’s for sure!

So, let me get you up to speed on where we’re at since my last wedding planning update back in February! Since then we’ve managed to get a lot ticked off our to-do lists, including sending out the invites! We posted these out so that they arrived on our guests’ doorsteps on (or around, because you can always rely on the good old Royal Mail to get it wrong) Valentine’s Day to spread a little bit of love! This was probably one of the biggest tasks and once these had all been stamped and sent it felt like a huge weight had been lifted. Fast forward two and a half months and we’re now chasing for the last few responses this week!

Other tasks we’ve managed to complete include getting all of Dan’s groomsmen measured up for their suits, placing an order for our flowers, purchasing a hell of a lot of pick & mix sweets for our sweet table, buying lots of decorations and table centrepiece props and even making our own donut wall! We’ve organised all the photography and videography, sorted out some entertainment, booked our DJ and started to compile our playlist – it finally feels like we’re getting on top of things!

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One of the main things that’s taken shape over the past couple of weeks is the decor. I’m so pleased with how all of this is coming together and that it’s working out how I imagined! You see all these amazing DIY tutorials on Pinterest and take inspiration from bridal magazines on how you can save money and dress the space yourself, but until you start to actually do it, you don’t realise how much work goes in to pulling all of these small details together. I’ve spent far too long scrubbing the labels off glass jars, spray painting, wrapping things in twine, becoming well acquainted with Gorilla Glue and cleaning paint off my hands, but now that we’re almost there, I can see our theme coming together nicely, which is SO exciting!

A couple more exciting parts of the process that have happened, and my favourite so far, were: 1. Trying on my dress at my first proper fitting at the weekend (this went so well, and I came away feeling 100% happy with my wedding dress. I can’t wait to wear it now!) and 2. My hen weekend!

I had a fabulous weekend in York with a big group of some of my favourite people and my beautiful Maid of Honour and bridesmaids worked so hard to make it a weekend that I would absolutely love. We stayed at the Old Coach House which I couldn’t recommend enough if you’re looking for somewhere that sleeps up to 17 people and is a short drive in to the city centre. As you may have seen on social media, I actually fell ill with a stomach bug on the second day so missed out on a lot of things that my hens had planned, which was a MASSIVE shame and the worst luck I think I’ve ever had, but we’re doing it all again at home this weekend and I can. not. wait!

All that’s left on the list now is for Dan to have his Stag Do, to make sure everyone’s paid on time, and to finish off all the venue decor, then we’re pretty much done! Its so bizarre to think that we got engaged almost two years ago and this all felt like a lifetime away. Now I just wish that time would slow down a little so that we can carry on making everything absolutely perfect, as I just know I’ll feel lost once it’s all over and I have spare time again in the evenings, but I can’t wait to marry my best friend and start the next chapter together!

C x

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