This time of year is all about my Christmas traditions for me. You know, those little things that you do every year that make Christmas so special, even though you have no idea how they started or why you do them! My family have so many of them that we do over the festive period, and we’ve done them so long that they have just become a part of Christmas, and it wouldn’t be right without them!

The first one I have to mention, should help explain these photos! This year it just so happens to be Mickey Mouse’s 90th (!!) birthday, so I thought it would be quite apt to talk about one of my favourite parts of the festive season and something that is top of the list of my Christmas traditions; Films! Obviously Disney films are up there for me with the ‘must watch’ films this time of year, especially Disney classics. Dan and I have got our own little tradition going where we watch a Disney classic every single New Years Day, and its the perfect thing to do when nursing a prosecco induced hangover! There’s something about curling up on the sofa with some festive treats and watching a film that you’ve loved since being a little kid.

Then of course there’s the usual Christmas films which I love to stick on the TV in an evening in the days running up to Christmas. Its something to look forward to after a long day at work, and always helps me feel more Christmassy! Ticked off the list so far this year have been Love Actually, The Holiday, Home Alone, Nativity and Elf, and this weekend we’ll be going for Arthur Christmas!

Christmas Traditions - Mickey Mouse 90th BirthdayChristmas Traditions - Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday
Christmas Traditions - Mickey Mouse 90th BirthdayAnother one of my Christmas traditions has to be Christmas Eve in general. Its one of my absolute favourite days, full of family traditions and lots of excitement. This year we’ll be spending the morning seeing family who live a little further away. Then in the afternoon we’ll be looking after my two little nephews who will be SO excited! They’ll be helping me prep some food for our Boxing Day buffet, and we’ll of course watch another festive film! Its the evening though when everything gets super traditional for us all. We all gather at my parents’ house to drop off gifts, then we have a dinner of glazed gammon, crusty bread, sausage rolls and homemade coleslaw. Every. Single. Year. I can’t remember what started this, but its one of my favourite parts of the day.

We then spend the evening watching the most cheesy festive TV shows, and crack open a few of the different drinks my dad has been stockpiling since Summer. You can bet I go for the Baileys! Dad lights some Christmas candles, and we’ll usually watch The Snowman with the kids, before all heading home once our bellies are full!

Christmas Traditions - Mickey Mouse 90th BirthdayChristmas Traditions - Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday

Mickey Mouse Pyjama Set – New Look*

On the big day itself, we usually have Christmas dinner at either my mum or sister’s house. This year my sister is hosting, and I’m so looking forward to it! The emergency chairs come out in force, and we try and cram too many people around the table. We have the traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and usually argue over the pigs in blankets! I eat way too much food but still always find room for seconds.

After lunch, you’ll usually find us in two groups: one half will be fast asleep, full or turkey and wine. The other half of us (usually including me) will have somehow found a burst of energy and be challenging each other at a game of Family Fortunes or Heads Up. The afternoon will be full of laughs and no doubt more Baileys. It’s always the most perfect afternoon surrounded by the best people!

Boxing Day is then our turn to host! We did this a few years ago, but then with wedding planning being so expensive, we had to step down. I absolutely love having everyone over at our house, and this year will be so special. It will be our first Christmas as husband and wife, and the first in our new home. It will be so lovely to mark the occasion with so many of our loved ones in our home! I’ve gone all out with the buffet food already. The fridge and freezer are fully stocked at the ready! If there’s one thing I love at Christmas its a buffet, and obviously I’m taking it very seriously!

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Just writing this post has now got me excited for all of my Christmas traditions that are still to come. This is my favourite time of year by a mile, and I can’t wait for all the family festivities! I’m really looking forward to completely switching off and relaxing with friends and family. I’m ready for a weekend of Disney classics, mulled wine and cheese boards!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas period and get time to have a well deserved break!

C x


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