With 2019 just days away, I thought now would be a good time to set my new year style resolutions! This isn’t something I’ve done before, but after spending far too many days this year sat wondering what on earth to wear, I thought it was a good idea to set some goals. I’ve always been in to fashion, from studying Styling at university, to working for fashion brands in my career, to running this very blog. Its only natural that I’m pretty obsessed with clothes! Being a blogger also comes with the pressures of producing content with new pieces, which has meant my wardrobe has grown at pretty big speeds over the years.

Spend More Wisely

What with all of the issues surrounding fast fashion and unethical production, there’s no time like the present to start cutting down. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I’m not buying clothes anymore, because we all know that will never happen. I do want to start shopping more savvily though, and be more conscious about how and where I spend my money. That means that I won’t be throwing my hard earned cash at cheaper, online fast fashion brands as often – the clothes can be such poor quality. Instead I’ll be shopping more wisely, and investing in pieces from brands I trust, that are better quality and will stay in my wardrobe for seasons to come. I’m also keen to delve in to the world of smaller, more ethical brands, so if you know any really great fashion brands I should check out, let me know!

Needs, Not Wants

That leads me nicely on to another one of my new year style resolutions: Needs, not wants! I’ve got a bit of a reputation of spending money on clothes and buying in to trends. This obviously isn’t good on the old bank balance, and I often find myself wearing things once and then forgetting about them! Instead I want to purchase things that I actually need, or things that my wardrobe might be lacking in. For example, instead of spending £50 on 3 cheap tops in the sale that will never see the light of day, I’d rather spend that money on a good pair of jeans that will be worn time and time again.

My New Year Style Resolutions - River Island JumperMy New Year Style Resolutions - River Island Bag

Seasonal Clear Outs

One thing I really want to start doing is taking a tip out of The Anna Edit’s book, and regularly clear out my wardrobe with each season. I can store away anything I don’t need until the next season, and get rid of things I no longer wear. This will give me a clear capsule wardrobe to choose my looks from, and will also make any gaps more apparent. That way, I’ll be able to clearly see what my wardrobe is missing, and help me see what’s on the rail instead of buying things I don’t need!

Donate Unwanted Pieces

I do this quite a lot already, but its something that can do a lot more as part of my new year style resolutions! This goes hand in hand with the seasonal clear outs – whenever I want to get rid of some pieces, I’ll make an effort to take them to the charity shop so they get a second lease of life! I do have a tendency to just throw things away from time to time, so that’s definitely something I need to stop! Something else I’d love to start doing too, is actually look in charity shops and thrift stores for second hand gems! I used to do this all the time back when I was in uni and shopping on a budget, and found some amazing pieces.

My New Year Style Resolutions - River Island Jumper   My New Year Style Resolutions - Kurt Geiger BootsMy New Year Style Resolutions - River Island JumperMy New Year Style Resolutions - River Island Jumper

Get More Wear Out Of My Wardrobe

I really want to make more of an effort to wear what’s already in my wardrobe a lot more. I think this would be a great angle for some new content on here too, showing various ways to style pieces you might already own. I’ve got some gorgeous pieces that I’ve bought throughout the past few years, but rarely wear. I’d love to be able to find some new ways to wear them, and put my styling degree to use! I used to love getting a little more creative with my looks – layering pieces together, pairing the unexpected and playing with clashing colours and prints. I’d love to get back in to doing this and really get the most out of what I already own!

I tend to have items in my wardrobe that I wear for work, and others that I wear on my days off. I’d really like to find ways of merging the two together, styling more casual items up for a more work appropriate look, and vice versa. If I can nail this, I’ll hopefully not feel the need to spend as much money on new things!

Get More Creative With Colour

As you all know, I’m no stranger to wearing colour! I feel like the amount of colour I’ve been wearing has dwindled a little in the last few months though. I don’t know whether its because its been drab weather, but I’ve found myself being more drawn to neutrals. When I wear these though, I always feel like my outfit is lacking something, and I don’t feel like myself! I feel like I’ve wasted money on the colours I *thought* I should be wearing, instead of the ones that lift my mood and make me feel more like me.

Unless its those core wardrobe staples such as a plain white tee, or a good pair of jeans, I’d love to be able to invest in some really nice colourful pieces this year, or some with a gorgeous print like my River Island jumper in these photos. Items that will last through the seasons, so aren’t too crazy, but things that have that point of difference, and stand out from everything else out there. That’s where I feel my most comfortable when it comes to fashion – wearing something fun or colourful, and often a little unexpected.

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My New Year Style Resolutions - River Island JumperMy New Year Style Resolutions - River Island Bag

My New Year Style Resolutions - River Island Jumper

My New Year Style Resolutions - River Island Jumper

Zebra Print Jumper – River Island* // High Waisted Jeans – River Island // Boots – Kurt Geiger // Glitter Bag – River Island*


So those are my new year style resolutions for 2019! I think they’re all pretty achievable, but those small steps will make a massive difference to both my wardrobe and my bank balance! If I make conscious decisions when it comes to shopping habits, I’ll be doing my bit for the environment too.

I’d love to hear if you’re setting yourself any goals like this for the new year. I’d love to know if you’re taking any steps when it comes to improving shopping habits. Please send me your suggestions for new ethical brands I should know about, too!

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