Out of all the spring/summer trends that have started to surface, neon is the one that I thought ‘hell no’ as soon as I saw it. I’m a pale girl, so things that are brighter than the sun tend not to complement my skin tone, for one. Secondly, it’s a colour palette I haven’t worn since uni when I’d come home to find my clutch bag stuffed with glow sticks after a night out. Knowing how to wear neon can be tricky as it’s such a bright and bold thing to style. I thought I’d dip my toe in to the rend and try to find a way that was more ‘me’ to wear this tricky colourway!

I’ve been kindly gifted this gorgeous polka dot mini dress from ANGELEYE, and thought this would be the perfect item to add some colour to. There are plenty of ways I could have styled this piece – with a bold red lip and leather jacket. Maybe with some ankle boots and a tailored coat, but instead I thought I’d step out of the comfort zone a little! I picked up a brighter-than-bright neon pink roll neck top and decided to layer up!

How to wear neonLayering mini dressesHow to wear neon
How to wear neon – which piece is right for you?

When you’re experimenting with a colour or print you haven’t worn before, layering is one of the best ways to try it out. That way, it isn’t the main focus of the outfit, and you can kind of ‘hide’ it under other things to test whether you love it or not. For me, a roll neck top is the perfect item for this! They’re super versatile to layer under almost anything – dresses, shirts, sweaters, jumpsuits – everything! If that’s not for you though, how about a simple t shirt that can be easily styled in lots of ways? Or even some accessories that will add a pop of neon to an outfit without being too in-your-face? Statement earrings are great for this, or maybe a mini handbag or pair of cute socks!

I’ve also been careful with the colour of neon that I’ve chosen. The yellow and orange versions were a little too much for me, and ones I think would look great with tanned skin. Then there was the neon green, which would look amazing on someone with brunette hair (there are no rules though – you do you!). I thought the pink shade was the most ‘wearable’ out of them all, and one that would work really well with the navy blue dress. I really love some of the neon prints that are available right now too. I’ve seen some tiger and leopard print versions that look awesome, but I wasn’t quite ready for those just yet!

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How to wear neonroll neck and midi dressHow to wear neonSpring outfit ideasHow to wear neonHow to wear neon

Polka Dot Dress – ANGELEYE* // Neon roll neck – Missy Empire // Denim Jacket – Vintage // Handbag – River Island* // Trainers – Converse // Sunglasses – Primark

One thing I love about this combo is the fact that the dress has a low V neckline. It shows off the perfect amount of the neon top, and the pink and navy work so well together. I also love how the cuffs poke out of the sleeves at my wrists, for an extra little pop of colour.

I’m surprised at how much I actually love this outfit, and how easy I found the neon to style. Yes, it’s bright, and yes, it’s a bit daunting to leave the house in something so bright. But I actually love it! I don’t think I’ll be broadening my neon collection too much any time soon, though. It’s been fun to figure out how to wear neon and get creative with styling. However, I think I’ll be sticking to what I know this spring!

Have you tried out the neon trend? Let me know how you style bold colours like this!

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