Hello and Happy New Year! I think it’s fair to say a lot has happened since I last checked in here – Christmas has been and gone and here we are in 2020! I always like to take some time to reflect on the past 12 months around this time, and of course do some goal planning. 2019 was a really great year in so many ways. It was the year we welcomed our four legged friend in to our lives, and the year that the both of us turned the big 3-0. We also saw some more of the world, with trips to Lisbon and Budapest which were both so amazing. I’m really happy with my achievements both in my personal life and my work life in 2019. I’m really looking forward to seeing what 2020 and a whole new decade brings!

The past couple of years are going to be hard ones to beat, but we’ll definitely give things a good go! I’m not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions (mostly because I never stick to them) but I do like to do some goal planning. A few things to work towards for the year ahead, whether that’s something small and fun or a big focus for the next 12 months. I think it’s really important to have an idea of where you want to be or what you want to achieve. I love having something I can work towards and put my mind to, without feeling too pressured to complete it immediately.

Here’s some of the things I’m going to try and achieve this year:

Save More Money

A bit of a predictable one, I know, but I’ve never had the best track record when it comes to saving my money! Now that we’ve started saving for a place we can call our own, I’m determined to put as much in my savings as I can. I also want to clear off as much of my outstanding debts I still have as possible. We probably won’t be in a position to buy a house for a couple of years (we currently rent) but we will get there soon enough!!

Read More Books

I love reading and getting lost in a good book, but it tends to be something I do more when I’m on holiday. This year I’ve set up a Goodreads account and given myself a target of at least 20 books in 2020. I know that’s probably not many in the grand scheme of things, but that’s a pretty big number for me! Reading always makes me feel really relaxed and helps me to unwind, so I’m planning on doing a lot more of it. I’ll also try swapping the phone for a book when I have a spare moment, especially before bed! I’ve already got around 20 titles in my ‘want to read’ list, but if you have any recommendations then let me know!

Shop More Mindfully

I mean this in quite a general sense across many different things rather than a specific area. Things such as cutting down on plastic bags and other single use plastics within our weekly shops, choosing to shop with smaller independent businesses and generally being more mindful of where I spend my money. I want to support more small businesses and spend less money on throwaway fashion. I’d rather spend my money on something built to last that I know will stay in my wardrobe for years to come. I’d love to buy more quality pieces, and go for craftsmanship over trends and fads.

Watch More Films

This might seem like a bit of a random one, but I realised recently that there are SO many films that I’ve never seen! Do you ever feel a little bit like Joey in the episode of Friends where he has no idea what anyone else is ever talking about so buys some encyclopaedias? That is me when it comes to films. I always hear people talking about their favourites, and their faces completely drop when I admit I don’t know what they’re on about! Dan and I have made a list of over 30 films (and still growing) that I want to watch over the year and broaden my film repertoire. If you have any absolute ‘must watch’ recommendations then send them my way. Chances are I’ve probably never seen them before!

Make Healthier Food Choices

I learnt in 2019 that dieting just isn’t for me. I can’t stick to things for longer than a couple of weeks, and I end up feeling depressed because I’m depriving myself of what I want! I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never be a size 8 again, but what I can do is eat healthier. I want to make a conscious effort to cook healthy meals, get plenty of nutritional food in to my diet, drink more water and cut down on the sugar and snacks. I’d also like to reduce the amount of meat I eat, too. I love cooking, so if I put my mind to it, I think this is going to be an easy one to achieve. The health benefits that will come with some small changes to my diet will be huge as well, so all the more reason to try! I think it’s about time I took better care of my body!


Necklaces – Daisy London – gifted

Try To Actually Blog More!

I won’t lie, recently I’ve been toying with the idea of putting the blog to bed. I’ve been in the blogging game for a long, long time now – practically a decade! The amount of effort that goes in to keeping a blog updated is huge, as many of you will know. I work a full time job in marketing, and sometimes after a long day in front of the laptop, the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is get back on the laptop to blog! I do want to give it a good go this year though, as it’s the only part of the internet that is truly mine. Instagram could disappear tomorrow and I’d lose all of those photos, but my blog would still be here to stay. I’m going to make an effort to post more often this year as I really neglected this space in 2019. I especially want to create more fashion posts as that’s where my passions lie. What would you like to see more of?

Experience More

This is another fairly general one, but I’d love to just do more ~stuff~. Nothing crazy or fancy – just more fun things where I can make memories with the people I love. That could be organising a couple of meals out, going on walks, trying something new, doing a class of some sort, etc etc. I started to do more things like this towards the end of 2019 and loved them, so I knew I wanted to work similar things in to my 2020 goal planning! Some top of my list are The Crystal Maze, trying out some restaurants I’ve had on my radar for a while and spending more time at the beach!

See More Of The World

I think this is always on most people’s ‘to do’ lists, but one I think we should all endeavour to try and do. There are so many places on my travel list, so I’d love to tick a few more off in 2020. Lisbon and Budapest were at the top of my list last year and they did not disappoint! This year we’ve already booked to go back to Portugal in the Summer, but I’d love to try and do one or two city breaks too. Amsterdam, Rome, Florence and Prague are all places I’ve yet to visit, so we’ll see where 2020 takes us!

Know When To Slow Down

The final one of my list is more of a reminder to myself rather than a goal, as I think it’s important to look after number one! Too many times in the past year have I allowed myself to get too stressed or too busy, not giving myself any time. There have been instances in all aspects of my life where things have got on top on me, but instead of taking a step back to recuperate and restart, I’ve pushed myself that little bit too hard. I’m one of those weird people who works well under pressure, but I need to be aware of when that pressure turns in to something that I can no longer manage. I think we all need to be that little bit kinder to ourselves!

What are you hoping to achieve this year, and how do you plan on keeping focussed? Whatever your goals are for 2020, I hope you smash them!

C x


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