Maternity Fashion & Keeping Your ‘Style’ During Pregnancy


When I first found out I was pregnant, one of the things I was excited about was being able to experiment with maternity fashion. It turns out though, that 7 months in, it’s actually been a lot trickier to navigate than I thought! An ever-changing body was obviously to be expected. but I’ve found it a lot harder to get my head around than I first imagined. After a rocky start I’ve slowly grown to love my baby bump now, and now that sickness seems to FINALLY be a thing of the past, I’ve started to really enjoy picking out outfits to wear.

Maternity fashion can be a bit of a minefield as there is so much out there, but then on the other hand it can be so difficult to find something you love. The number of times I’ve seen something I love and gone to add it to my basket to find it’s sold out is ridiculous (I’m looking at you, ASOS!). That being said, I can actually count the number of maternity pieces I’ve bought on my two hands. I’ve been lucky that I had plenty of pieces in my wardrobe already that have worked really well, so I thought I’d chat through a few examples and share what I’ve been wearing for the past few months whilst baby grows!

Maternity Clothing I’ve Bought

Like I said, I haven’t actually bought a great deal of actual ‘maternity’ fashion pieces (I know, I’m surprised too!). The items I’ve got though have been brilliant and I’ve been getting so much wear out of them! The best things I’ve bought have been:

  • Maternity Leggings – probably my most worn item out of all of them, these have been a god send! Leggings aren’t usually my bag, but I’ve really struggled to find anything else comfortable to wear on my bottom half. I’ve tried maternity jeans, but since I’ve got short legs and a long body the waistbands just just seem to dig in to my bump rather than sit below it! I got ASOS over-the-bump leggings and found them super comfortable paired with oversized T Shirts and baggy shirts.
  • Maternity Dungarees – Long-time followers of mine will know how much I wear denim, so not being able to find the right maternity jeans has been a struggle when it comes to still feeling and dressing like myself. I’ve found a happy medium though with a pair of maternity dungarees that fit really well. They have an adjustable elasticated waist and have been one of my favourite pieces to wear the past few weeks.
  • Maternity Dresses – One thing I think some brands do really well when it comes to maternity fashion is dresses. I have 4 from ASOS and Topshop that I’ve worn so much already! I’m a sucker for a printed dress, so I have two floral numbers and one checked print. I also recently picked up a more fitted grey midi too which is going to be great for the last couple of months whilst the weather gets a little cooler.
  • Maternity Sweats – I love a cosy tracksuit and have been wearing my comfies so much during lockdown. I have an under-the-bump set (again, ASOS!) which has been great for my growing bump and so, so comfy! I’m actually thinking that this would be a good addition to my hospital bag, too.

I’ve also picked up a couple of maternity tops but to be honest I haven’t worn them a great deal, but the dresses, leggings and sweats have been such good purchases! When it comes to brands, as you can see I’ve stuck mostly to ASOS as I’ve found their pieces affordable, good quality and most in line with my personal style. I’ve also got a few Topshop pieces which I love too. I’ve had my eye on some things from Zara, New Look and H&M, but have never got round to buying them as I haven’t really needed anything else! Other than that, I haven’t really found anything else I like. There are plenty of brands that do maternity ranges but for me personally, they just aren’t my style.

Non-Maternity Fashion That Works Well

The majority of things that I’ve worn so far throughout this pregnancy have been pieces from my existing wardrobe, or new pieces I’ve bought in my normal size. Luckily, I’m a big fan of loose fitting dresses and smock styles, and I always buy my T Shirts and sweatshirts a size up as I just prefer the way they look on me. My bump still just about fits in to most things in my wardrobe, obviously aside from anything more fitted. (Mom jeans, I miss you!)

With the mild weather we’ve had, I’ve been able to get a lot of wear out of my light, floaty summer dresses which has been great since I seem to feel so warm all the damn time! I’ve also been able to wear high waisted and wrap style skirts that can sit on my waist just above the bump, paired with baggy T shirts and cardigans.

Now that the sun has disappeared, I’m still wearing my dresses but starting to layer up with oversized sweatshirts or knitwear, and trying to still squeeze my feet in to trainers and boots! Birkenstocks have been an absolute Godsend this summer, let me tell you!

So that’s more or less my style during pregnancy when it comes to the clothes I wear. I just aim to feel comfortable, since most of my time is spent at home right now. I go for light fabrics that are comfortable to wear and don’t irritate my skin in any way, and I try to choose colours and prints that I love so that I still feel like ‘me’. Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of days when all I’ve managed is to change in to a fresh set of pyjamas and scrape my hair in to a bun, especially when sickness was at its peak, but now that I’m at the other side of that, I’ve found that making a little bit of an effort in the mornings makes me feel so much better.

On days when the most exciting outfit my brain can muster up is a tracksuit or a big T shirt and leggings, I’ll add on an extra piece of jewellery or put on a bit of lipstick so that I feel a little more ‘together’. The lockdown world of video calls has definitely given me a reason to make a bit more of an effort in the mornings, for sure!

I’d love to hear your tips on dressing a baby bump, and how to still keep your personal style when pregnant. I’ve only got around 8 weeks to go now and my belly is only getting bigger, so any more advice would be welcome!


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