A Pregnancy Update – Full Term


Now that I’m 38 weeks pregnant and classed as Full Term (where has the time gone?!), I thought it would be a good time to post a little pregnancy update! Last time I posted about this was when we’d reached the half way point, and it had been a pretty intense 4 or 5 months. I’d been experiencing awful sickness, had lost a lot of weight and was constantly tired, but thankfully the second half of my pregnancy has been a lot kinder!

The sickness didn’t stop straight away, but it definitely started to ease around the 23-25 week mark. I was still experiencing nausea and the odd bout of sickness up until around week 28-30, but thankfully things were much more manageable, and have completely tailed off in the last 6 weeks, finally! I’ve been so grateful that I can actually enjoy food and I have DEFINITELY made up for lost time recently with plenty of tasty meals, chocolate and treats!

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Third Trimester Symptoms

Whilst the third trimester has been much better for me, when the sickness tailed off, other delightful symptoms took its place. The ones I’ve struggled with the most are leg cramps and sciatica pains in the night (the worst!) and just generally feeling uncomfortable. I’ve been lucky to be able to work from home during the pandemic, but I’ve found sitting at my desk all day incredibly uncomfortable. I invested in a pregnancy ball to help with my posture, and for the last few weeks have spent most working days moving from chair to sofa to ball and back again in a bid to find the most comfy position!

Who What Claire - pregnancy update

I’ve also found that heartburn has got more intense some evenings, especially if I’ve had fizzy drinks or eaten something rich or spicy. Rennie has been my best friend on those days! Some evenings I’ve also found that I have no appetite, which I’ve assumed is caused by baby sitting pretty high up. I’ve literally felt some nights that I have no room left for anything! Luckily that’s only happened a few times and I’ve mostly been able to enjoy my meals, but sometimes I do have a smaller portion than I usually would as baby seems to be taking up so much space!

The other symptom that’s been quite hard for me to adjust to is the lack of energy. I felt like when I wrote my last pregnancy update I’d started to have so much energy, but that quickly tailed off! We’ve had to cut trips to the beach and dog walks short because I’ve become so tired, and I’ve had to sit down and take a break between cleaning rooms or hanging out the washing – I feel like I can’t do anything! It’s something that has frustrated me so much as in my mind I can still do all these things, but my body is telling me to wind down and relax, and rightly so! I’m someone who enjoys being busy and getting out and about, so not being able to do as much as I’d like has been something I’ve struggled to come to terms with!

So Much Nesting!

When I have found myself with energy though, I’ve been putting it in to nesting! I’ve really enjoyed getting the baby’s nursery together, washing all of the clothes and bedding ready for the little one’s arrival, and making sure the house is organised and tidy. I seem to find myself wanting to organise EVERYTHING, from kitchen cupboards to underwear drawers, and have shouted at Dan many times for leaving things out of place (sorry Dan!). He has taken my random demands like an absolute champ, though!

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All in all, aside from the symptoms and random crying episodes (oh, the hormones!), I’ve actually enjoyed this last stretch. Without trying to jinx myself, I think the first half of pregnancy was so grim that this part has felt like a bit of a breeze to be honest. I’ve loved getting to know the little human I’m growing, feeling their movements and kicks, hearing their heartbeat at midwife appointments and watching my bump grow over the months. I just wish the world was a little more normal right now so I could have had Dan with me at appointments, or spent more time with my friends and family over the past few months (we have local lockdown restrictions where I live so can’t even get together in groups of 6!). It’s been pretty tough mentally, not being able to see my support system all that much when I’ve really needed it, but they’ve all been lovely and kept me going with texts and calls to check in and entertain me.

The Final Countdown

So now it really is the final hurdle. I’m trying to get my head round the fact that this baby could literally arrive any day now! I’ve been watching online antenatal and hypnobirthing courses (would highly recommend The Bump To Baby Chapter‘s online course!) and reading all the books about pregnancy and birth. Our hospital bag is packed and ready by the door (You’d think I was off to the Caribbean for 3 weeks with the amount I’ve packed), so there really isn’t anything left to do but relax! I’ve now finally finished work and started my maternity leave, so it really is just a waiting game now. It’s all very exciting, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little terrified at the same time too! I’m trying to keep an open mind about the birth, and whilst I have my preferences for how I’d like to welcome this little one in to the world, I know these things rarely go to plan. What will be, will be!

Thank you to everyone who has sent me comments, messages and well wishes throughout this pregnancy. You have no idea how helpful your support has been during these strange times. You probably won’t hear much more from me between now and the little one’s arrival, so this will no doubt be my final pregnancy update. I’ll be busy preparing myself, so wish me luck, and I’ll see you on the other side!


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