Where are you from?

A city called Preston in North West England.

What did you study?

I graduated from a degree in Fashion Promotion with Styling at UCLAN in Preston a couple of years ago. I finished with a 2:1.

What was the course like?

It was really good – I would recommend it to anyone wanting to go into the fashion industry, but would rather work ‘behind the scenes’. I did modules in everything – personal styling, editorial and commercial styling, PR, business, photography, fashion show organisation and fashion history. It really is a great course.

What are your tips for bloggers just starting out?

I would say only write about what you enjoy. If you start to try and please too many people by doing something you’re not that interested in, you’ll lose interest in your blog altogether. Start off by doing it for yourself, and don’t do it just to gain followers. You will soon find people will start to read. I blogged for a long time before people started to follow me!

What make up do you wear?

It varies a lot, but on a day to day basis I tend to wear Vichy Dermablend Foundation in Opal or Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Foundation, MAC MSF Natural in Medium, NARs Orgasm Blush and any old mascara in Black! On my lips its usually something by MAC, Chanel or Topshop.

How do you style your hair?

I tend to blow dry my hair, then use my Enrapture Totem Stylers to add natural curls.

What camera do you use and who takes your photos?

All my photos are usually taken with a Canon 500D. My boyfriend Dan takes the majority of outfit pictures, but he’s not around I use my tripod and turn the settings on my camera to a 10 second timer.

How do you manage to find such nice clothes on ebay/in charity shops?

I get asked this a lot, so I wrote a guide HERE.