I’ve been decorating!


Sorry for the lack of posts.

As you know I have been decorating my room a la 60 minute makeover….yet this was more like 6 days. It still isn’t quite finished, so no pictures as of yet! Still waiting the arrival of the wardrobes and a basket chest to complete the room. So far so good!

Started uni again on Thursday which is good. I was starting to get a little bored of being off so i was relieved to be back again. I have the best timetable ever and the tutors seem really nice this year which is a bonus. Hopefully our class is going to the cinema on Wednesday to see ‘The September Issue’ which I’m really looking forward to. If you having seen it already, its based on Anna Wintour at American Vogue.

So that is all for now. Sorry I still haven’t posted any pics of my purchases from York. A big post is due for that so I will see what I can do this week!

For now though here’s a sneaky peek of where I will be ‘sitting pretty at my desk’ from now on… haha. I’m so proud of it! It all looks just how I wanted it to.

Hope you’re all doing ok. Talk to me! I love your comments 🙂


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