Fashion Illustration Elective


Today I started my new elective at uni which is a 3 hour a week lesson that sits along side my degree. It is a course in Digital Fashion Illustration, where the work is mostly done using adobe Photoshop. The first of the images is what we did today in class. If you look closely enough, the brush I have used actually says my name. The lesson was based on making our own brushes and then using them to create an image. The image is a recreation of a piece designed by a student who showed their work at Graduate Fashion week. The second image is from the same collection, but is done by using the stamp filter, then filling areas in with the fill tool set to multiply. I love doing this sort of work, as it doesn’t take long but can look really effective. For our brief we have to find a way of illustrating the images we like, and do this for the whole collection we chose. For my first class I don’t think I’ve done too bad 🙂


If you remember from my post the other day, I said I had spotted some beautiful shoes that I would like Santa to bring! Well here they are…. three guesses who they are by…. yep, they’re Kurt Geiger obviously. I tried on the orange pair in Selfridges in the Trafford Centre, and my feet felt like they were being lovingly hugged. I’ve opted for the navy pair, as I think they will be more versatile and I’ll get a lot more wear out of them, even though the orange ones looked amazing with the black opaque tights I had on. I just hope somebody gets me them, even though I feel a bit cheeky to ask for them as they are a lot of money…. £130… but let’s hope they have a price cut before christmas! (Or Dan could get discount :P)

I’m also after a leather biker jacket for Christmas. Maybe real leather or maybe a faux leather jacket, I don’t mind, they all look the same. So if you know of any nice ones on the High Street, let me know! I’m into the rocky style jackets at the minute, with the studs and buckles etc, so that I can wear them with pretty dresses to toughen them up, but all the ones I have seen are a little too much for my mummy’s budget, seeing as she’s getting me a beautiful big bottle of Marc Jacobs – Lola perfume too.


How beautiful does the model Karlie Kloss look in the ads for the perfume? I love how they’ve kept the hair and make up really simple on her. The look really suits the ad and the whole feel of the perfume.

Finally this was me and the boy messing round yesterday. I’m wearing my lovely new Hello Kitty jumper from the previous post.

I’m off now to crack on with some more work. Hopefully we will be shooting our models for our Sonia Rykiel perfume ad tomorrow. Fingers crossed it all goes well.

Have a lovely evening!



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