Evening all. This was supposed to be up yesterday but by the time I’d got chance to do it I was struggling to keep my eyes open! However, I’m feeling the same now after a busy day so I’m afraid this is going to be a short one. This is what I wore yesterday on my day off. We had a yummy Sunday roast, then spent the afternoon looking round some shops, drooling over home ware and dreaming of our own place to put it in. We’ve decided its time to save up for a downpayment on a house, so hopefully by this time next year we can get our feet on the property ladder! I’ve already ordered this cute door mat to put away for when the time comes.

Jumper – H&M

Blouse – Afflecks Palace, Manchester

Jeans – Topshop via eBay

Shoes – Primark

Ring – c/o GoGo Philip

Lips – Saint Germain by MAC

I had a few of you asking for a swatch of St Germain after seeing my post on it here, so I wore it for you! I love the colour. It’s bright and eye-catching without being too out there. Also, have decided to start straightening my hair again for some reason I’m not quite sure of myself, but I like it!

That’s all from me tonight. I’m off to make a hot drink and snuggle down in front of the box!

What have you all been up to today?

PS. I have listed a lot of the Blog Sale stuff on eBay, so take a look if anything took your fancy as there are some uber low starting prices!


  1. really love this outfit! i could definitely see me wearing something similar..may have to take inspiration from it hah! mm sunday roast! hope you had a good weekend

  2. Mmm a sunday roast sounds so good right about now. I cant really indulge myself at Uni :'( especially with no student loan! And you look lovely, I like the hair but I do love your gorgeous curls! Must be exciting to save up for a house, get yourself on the first rung. And with your amazing interior design skills, it'll be beautiful xxx

  3. Oh wow, that lipstick is bright!! Not one I'd wear myself as its a bit too light for me, but it looks fab on you!! Love the jumper and shirt look also! 🙂


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