Hello lovelies! I just wanted to write a quick post this evening to let you all know what I’ll be getting up to over the next couple of weeks for the relaunch of my shop! Most of you will know that last year I had a jewellery shop under the same name, where I made and sold lots of little beauties. Unfortunately I decided to end the jewellery making as it was costing me too much money to fund and moving to a new job left me in a bit of a tizz at the time! I do still have a couple of the goodie bags left in the old shop, but this will be closing it’s doors on Sunday so please be quick if you would like to snap up anything last minute!

Now I’ve settled in my job and had chance to think over whether or not to start up again, I’ve decided that yes I will start up a shop again, but this time focusing in on things I truly love. You all know I’m nuts about Vintage clothing and interiors, so what better to sell than the lovely pieces I hunt down! I’ll also be selling customised and hand made pieces too, and am in the progress of sourcing items so this won’t be going live just yet, but I wanted to put the feelers out and get your reactions and ideas!

What would you like to be sold in the shop? Is there anything in particular you challenge me to hunt down? Where would you like to see the items sold? Ebay? Etsy? Big Cartel? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts and get some of your suggestions as I’m going to throw a heap of my time into this and I’m so excited about it!


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