Today I hot footed it down to my local Body Shop store in Preston and met up with the lovely Rachelle who had put on a lovely Blogger’s afternoon for a small group of us. The event was mainly to celebrate to unveiling of their new and improved shopfit that looks incredible. If you’ve ever been in the Body Shop at Preston, you’ll probably remember how it used to look. It was always nice, but it wasn’t anything out of this world and always felt the same whenever you went in. Now the store looks sleek and fresh, and feels more interactive and hands on in the way that products and samples have been displayed. Shelves are well stocked, products stand centre stage and the whole thing is bright and fun.

We spent the afternoon with Rachelle who talked us through new products, best sellers and how to use certain items. I feel like I learnt a lot about application and ingredients, which opened my eyes a lot to natural products and how things are made. We were also treated to a relaxing hand massage (so good!) as well as refreshments and snacks, plus exclusive discounts so we could treat ourselves to anything that took our fancy.

Danielle, Rachel and I were quick to fill our basket after Rachelle’s expert advice, and I came away with some lovely products that I’m really looking forward to using (Banana conditioner – OMG). Thanks so much to Rachelle and the team for having us! I had a lovely couple of hours in the store and have found my new favourite place to go for beauty products!

Do you use Body Shop products? What are your favourites.


  1. Everything looks so lovely, and it seems like you had a brilliant afternoon! The body shop always seems todo awesome products! xxx

  2. Aww just seen this Claire! Thanks so much for coming! Definitely going to do another one in the future when more people are free 🙂 I'll let you know when the banana shampoo is in again 😉
    Rachelle xxx

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