Today has been one of the first days for me that it’s really felt like Winter is here. The rain was nowhere in sight, and instead in it’s place was a lovely sunny yet crispy and chilly day, perfect for some outfit pictures! These were taken this afternoon just as the sun was starting the set, and I love the colours it’s given these snaps!  This outfit is what I wore to a trip to Manchester this morning with Dan and my little nephews. I pretty much threw the outfit together in a rush this morning, but really like how it turned out. Can I just draw everyone’s attention to the amazing-ness of the boots? These cut out beauties are the Elodie suede effect cut out boots from She Likes, and are the comfiest things I’ve ever had grace my feet. These were still on feet after trailing round the shops for a good four or five hours trailing around the shops, and I’ve only just kicked them off now! I love the chunky heel and sole, and the gold buckle detailing is really unusual. 

Jacket – Topshop
Jumper – H&M
Blouse – Topshop @ Outfit*
Jeans – Joni by Topshop
Boots – She Likes*
Hat – Primark

I teamed the boots with my good old Topshop Joni jeans and a shirt and jumper combo, plus my biker jacket that you must all be getting bored of seeing now! I love outfits like this that are fuss free and simple, with a good old bit of layering for the winter weather! This is definitely my favourite season when it comes to fashion as I love to pile on the layers and snuggle up in wooly hats and scarves. Beats getting worried about having my pastey white legs out any day!

Do you prefer dressing for the winter weather?


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