If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while then you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Marc Jacobs perfumes, especially the Daisy range, so when I saw the new release ‘Honey’ hit the shelves earlier this year I was pretty much sold before even smelling it! I’ve always been a die hard Daisy Fan (in all it’s forms) and loved Lola and Dot, although not quite as much, so I was really intrigued to smell this new addition to the Marc Jacobs family. 

Honey by Marc Jacobs EDP 50ml – £41.95 – Fragrance Direct*

First, let’s talk packaging. Never one to disappoint, the Marc Jacobs perfumes pack a punch when it comes to branding. The box screams ‘look at me’ with a bright yellow and black bee themed pop art-esque print, whilst the bottle is a lot more subdued and feminine with it’s little pearly bees/butterflies(?!). I love both aspects and think this is actually my favourite packaging out of all the fragrances as it is perfectly girly and fun yet has a feel of sophistication to it too. Me like!

Now on to the scent itself, and please excuse me as I am absolutely useless at describing fragrances. When first sprayed you are hit with a gorgeous fruity mix of oranges and florals, which starts off very heady and sweet (something that scared me a little as I don’t do heavy perfumes) but once settled it becomes light and ultra feminine without being overly girly, with floral notes (which I believe include honeysuckle and orange blossom) and a hint of vanilla goodness! 

I think this is probably one with an acquired scent that some will love and some will hate, but I personally love it. Despite the packagaing coming across as quite young and playful, I would say that this is one of the more grown up fragrances from the collection, and one that would be my first choice in the summer months. That won’t stop me using it all the way through Winter though!

What do you think of Honey? Which is your favourite Marc Jacobs scents?


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