Long term followers of my blog will know that I’m a big fan of the brand Ark. It’s featured on wishlists of mine on a number of occasions and I think it’s pretty clear to see why! I’m obsessed with their own brands and the other labels they stock such as Motel and AX Paris. We’re talking masses of pretty prints, grungy denim, vintage inspired pieces and some of the best high street accessories I’ve seen this season! I’ve picked out some of the pieces I’m lusting after this season, my favourites being from the Ark For Women range…

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As you can probably tell, I’m all over tropical flower prints at the minute. They scream summer to me, and since I’m not going to be jetting off anywhere hot this year, expect to see my wardrobe full to brim with these to make up for it! I’m also loving nineties inspired denim in the shape of high waisted pencil skirts and oversized boyfriend jackets. Team together with the florals and you’ve got the perfect mix of girly and grunge! 

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Next up, accessories! I’m really loving the whole masculine shoe trend that’s doing the rounds, but always find the chunky brogues too bulky for my short little legs. These cut out versions are slim and sleek meaning they don’t look as heavy, plus the white versions are great for making legs appear a little longer if you’re pale skinned like me!

I’m also lusting after the range of bags at Ark, in particular the lovely nude ruck sack and the oh-so-sweet mini black handbag with gold hardware.Then of course there’s the dreamy jewellery. Those statement necklaces are to die for and would look gorgeous poking out from beneath a crisp white collar. 

I can see some serious damage being done to my bank account in the coming weeks with this lot! What do you think of the latest collections at Ark? Have you snapped anything up for Summer?



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