So it’s Halloween tomorrow, and I’m sure a lot of you are panicking about picking up some last minute costumes! By now most of the stores will have sold out of the obligatory sequin devil horns and plastic vampire capes, so why not make the most of some of these fabulous high street finds! The majority of my Halloween outfit picks are super versatile and can be worn right through Winter and the party season too. I love the whole gothic look at this time of year, with plenty of lace and leather in blacks, greys and reds, with a good dose of sparkle for a more feminine feel, and it’s the perfect trend to rock this Hallows Eve! 

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For me, there’s nothing worse than an overly sexy Halloween outfit a la Mean Girls (I’m a mouse, duh!), but at the same time sometimes I just can’t be bothered with the effort of full on gruesome! A happy medium for me would be something from the range above; something on trend and fashionable with a gothic twist that I can make my own by adding some feline ears and a cool make up look like the cute cat one I created here

The peeps over at MyVoucherCodes carried out a survey recently that showed that 51% of people think Halloween costumes are way too raunchy, and I have to agree! You can check out an article about the survey with some rather risque celebrity appearances (including the one and only Regina George) here. It’s well worth a read! I definitely couldn’t pull off those looks, but each to their own!
There have been some awesome celebrity Halloween costumes though, and some of my particular favourites are Iggy Azalea as Cruella de Vil, complete with dalmatian, Dermot O’leary and his wife as Karl Lagerfeld and his famous feline, and Kelly Osbourne as Dame Edna. I love costumes that are creative like these and a bit out of the box!  

What will you be wearing for Halloween? What are your thoughts on the whole sexy vs scary debate?

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